Hadoop Warehouse
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Initiating a step into the fast changing ground of Hadoop is as Big an Ask as it is about Data. Our focus based on Data management experience is to bring a vision that coordinates an ambitious walkabout in the Hadoop landscape with delivery of content to business without letting the Big picture of needing to produce tangible results out of eye-sight. We endeavor to build on top of existing technology with minimal disruption and agile delivery mechanisms so that you are see progress and results at planned intervals.

The Design and Management of your Data systems has always been the most critical if unheralded piece of Information technology, with Hadoop this got just much harder, at the end of the day getting your systems to spit out data accurate and timely is not negotiable. We can help you with that. We know data.

We can help you bring forward a well-designed enterprise solution on Hadoop that is both an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Analytical fountainhead for your current and future needs.