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Skware Inc is founded by Sridhar Kolinjavadi, it is a shop dedicated to bring the best of breed in Data Management, Analytics, Warehousing and Integration. Built on a technology agnostic, customer first philosophy that takes pride in bringing success to our customers, we have been part  of the success of several mission critical projects in Public Safety,  designed, developed  and deployed the data and analytics underpinning  of these implementations.  We also have worked extensively in the areas of Finance, Banking, Clickstream analysis, Pharma, Production Process Management, Product development, Real Estate, Search and others.

Our experience in data analysis and integration extends to Real time data, dealing with a wide range of data sources from VSAM, ADABAS and other Mainframe sources, to conventional RDBMS, Message Queues, XML, Web services, SOAP, JMS and just about everything else there is. Integration using tools such as Informatica, Data Stage, Talend, SSIS, OWB, Perl, Java and a few others are our cup of tea.

Beginning a partnership with Open source Hadoop implementations we are embarking on bringing our extensive insight into data management and optimized delivery of analytics and integration to the world of Big Data. Whether you want to build a traditional Data Warehouse on Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Vertical, MySQL or if you think Neteeza or Exadata is right for you or  if you are exploring Hadoop as solution to making the next big jump, give us a call.


Our Technology Matrix

‚ÄčOur project based technology experience encompasses all this and more. But here is a taste of the experience we bring to the table. 

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